Frozen Shoulder- A Limiting Condition

Frozen shoulder also known as “adhesive capsulitis” is a condition we treat very often.

This painful and limiting condition can show symptoms such as stiffness and pain in the shoulder joint which gradually worsens..
It is more likely to occur when the shoulder has been immobilized for some time (post surgery or post fracture)

The good news is frozen shoulder can be treated with physiotherapy..Our treatments such as manipulation,excercises and dry needling can help relieve pain and increase shoulder movement again!

Pregnancy Pain

Lower back and pelvic pain is very common throughout pregnancy which in turn can continue post pregnancy. The release of the hormone Relaxin can cause ligaments to relax in preparation for labour which leads to instability and pain.
Many women are not aware that a physiotherapist can help with many pregnancy and post partum issues such as C section recovery and pelvic floor issues. Our safe approach also does not include the use of machines.
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